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What is 22 Flag?

This company was born out of a burning desire to help a community of individuals that have stood on the front lines to protect the freedoms afforded to us by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Everyday, 22 veterans commit suicide. Everyday, we have homeless veterans that struggle. Everyday, the VA waitlist continues to get longer. Everyday, we have veterans trying to learn how to be a civilian. 

22% of every sale will be donated to a select group of organizations. All Organizations will be selected based on their Charity Watch rating. I will have formal relationships set-up with these organizations as the business continues to grow. 

If you want to help us make a difference reach out and find out how you can help.

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The Team

Who We Are

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I grew up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania as the oldest of 5 in an Irish Catholic family. We grew up taking care of each other and always understanding where the others were. 

22 Flag grew out of an idea that I could do more to impact our veteran community. 

My grandfather served in WWII as a Tin Can sailor on a DD733 and raised his family as a carpenter by trade. 

I am mostly self-taught and learn by not being afraid to make a mistake.

Meticulous, Obsessed, Detail-Oriented, and Focussed are all words I would use to describe my commitment to this cause and the craftsmanship of each flag.



Quality Control Apprentice

Joey joined the 22 Flag team from the pack-n-play. He doesn't really care for the sound of the air compressor but loves to help in the shop. 

He is named after his grandfather and loves to build and try to break anything. Position is perfect.




Trish never questioned the intention or the idea to start down this path. 

As an English teacher she is the grammar police, messaging consultant, and support we need to bring this to your space.

About: Team
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