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Our Process

Details Matter - Accuracy is more important than speed...

Process: FAQ


Each Flag is made of solid white pine but can be made of any wood or material at the request of the customer. Price/Availability of lumber would impact the price.

All colored pieces are carefully stained (not painted) to help better preserve the piece to last a lifetime using a water-based tintable stain.

Stars are CNC cut to US Flag code standard (depending on the size of the flag) 1/16" thick.

All Flags are sealed with a Satin Polyurethane to help seal and preserve the colors and resist fading. 

Making the Flag

All Flags are built to the US Flag Code scale based on the sizes offered, or requested for you.

Stripes and union sanded to 200 grit sand paper. Stripes and union burned on 3 sides.

Stripes and Union are joined using wood glue and clamped on all joints. Once the glue sets the Union is attached to the short stripes using 2 mending plates and the entire flag is braced using 3 braces and brad nailed.

Each Star is hand-glued which adds depth and an additional personal touch to the flag. Although we have a CNC the personal touch of the stars being hand-glued is something else that makes our flags unique and is an important feature of our offering.

D-Rings are attached to the braces for easy hanging (picture wire will be included with your purchase)

Perfectly Imperfect

While we strive to be perfect in all our craftsmanship and stand behind the flags that we build we recognize that there will be things that affect the overall appearance of the flag.

If you are unhappy with any piece of our product we encourage you to reach out to our team. 

if you have a suggestion on an improvement to making your experience more enjoyable please feel free to share.

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